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You Can Earn Money Online With These 6 Business Models!

You can earn money online through an online service that you can sell, for example, an app, computer game blog, software, and digital services. Of course, you’ll want to make money off it. Learn more about revenue models that can convert your online service or product into cash.

The Free Model

If you opt for the free model, you offer the software or service without cost. The most well-known examples are Google, the social media platform, and games for smartphones. The free products and services appeal to customers: they can test them without needing to purchase them. This revenue model is attractive for those who are making a launch of a new service or are looking to find new customers.

Making money through the model of free

The free version lets you make money selling advertisements on your site or in your game software to advertising. For example, a player will see an ad following every level completed in her game. Also, you can hear commercials playing in the background of the music in your playlist on the internet.

Freemium Model

A freemium version is a variation that is similar to the model for free. It differs because only a tiny portion of the software is free. Do you want the complete or higher-quality version? Then they must pay. For instance, the site WeTransfer is where you need to pay transfer fees for files larger than 2 gigabytes. Business consultants also provide their expertise free of charge through webinars, e-books, and electronic newsletters. The client has to pay for a piece of tailored advice.

This is an excellent option if you know what customers already have to pay more for, wish to be attractive to prospective customers, and make more money from existing customers.

Earning money using the freemium model

You can earn money online through the freemium model since the customers will pay extra for services. In addition, with the free version, you can offer free advertising space, just like the model.

Model designed by the user

Using a user-created model, you tap into the creativity of your users. They create their T-shirts, mugs, tiles, puzzles, photo books, stickers, or wallpapers on your site or mobile app. It’s as easy as placing the purchase. This option helps you save time and money and is ideal for products that are easy to create and personalize.

Profiting from the model designed by users

The income you earn through this model is the final product sale. You provide a service through which customers can create their products for free.

Online platform

This business model for your website or app or the platform that you use online connects demand and supply. Take, for example, Marktplaats as well as Amazon. An online platform works best when you have the power of monopoly.

Making money online through an online platform

You can earn money online from advertisements or by soliciting a specific sum per sale. It is also possible to request a percentage of the sales cost.

Subscription model

Through the subscription model, your customers purchase access to your service or product for a specified time. They typically take out an agreement for a month or even a year.

This type of model is commonly employed by antivirus software providers but also streaming services such as Netflix as well as HBO. The digital subscription can also offer physical goods like wine, tea, flowers, or underwear. You can submit the subscription online and send the product to your client each month. Select a subscription plan if you’re looking for loyal customers and a steady income stream.

Profiting from the subscription model

You can earn money online through this model since your subscribers will pay you monthly or annually. Always renew your service to ensure that your customers are faithful.

Online store

A store online or webshop, as it is commonly referred to in the Netherlands, is an online business model. Before you begin your online store, you must decide whether you want to sell different products like an affiliate marketer or just one type of item.

Earning money from an online store

The online store model lets you can earn revenue by selling your products. In addition, you lower storage costs by dropping shipping websites.

More models

Find more ways to make profits in this article on revenue models that can help you build a profitable enterprise. Are you making your decision, and would you like to incorporate the business model into the business plans you have created?

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