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These 4 Easy Tips will Help You Find Guest Post Websites

Search engine optimization has resulted in the creation of numerous methods for link building, some of which are spammy and others that are not. Guest blogging is one of the few strategies to create links that, when done correctly, produce excellent results. But where can you find friendly sites to guest blog on? How can you use this opportunity to obtain relevant, high-quality links that will benefit your SEO and bring you more attention to your niche?

In this blog post, I’ll show four simple methods for locating fantastic guest post websites.

1. Make use of lists of sites that accept guest posts

Because guest blogging is so popular, other bloggers have compiled a plethora of lists of blogs from many industries. They are also frequently organized by topic and ranked by domain authority, making it much easier to identify the best solutions for you.

Search Google for “list of blogs that accept guest posts” or “list of – your keyword – blogs that accept guest posts” to get listings of blogs that allow guest articles. But keep in mind that even if you locate these lists, you’ll still need to conduct your research to ensure that the sites are still accepting guest posts, that the DA is still high (or high enough for what you’re searching for), and that the blogs are still providing fresh content.

2. Search Google for sites allowing you to post as a guest

Google your search terms for one of the simplest and most direct ways to uncover guest post websites. If you want to identify marketing blogs that allow guest articles, for example, you may attempt different keyword combinations such as marketing, “digital marketing,” “online marketing,” “Internet marketing,” “social media marketing,” “content marketing,” and so on. Essentially, you must begin the search with your terms.

Then seek these words with one of the following search terms: 

  • Become a guest blogger
  • Guest blogging guidelines
  • Contributor Guidelines
  • Send a tip
  • Guest author
  • Write for us
  • Contribute guest post
  • Contribute to our blog
  • Contribute a guest post

It’s also vital to note that you should expand your search beyond the first few pages of results. Great opportunities are frequently identified on the fifth or tenth page.

3. Reverse your search for guest blogging sites

Another technique to identify relevant websites for guest blogging is to look at your competitors’ guest post websites and where they’ve previously blogged.

One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to discover bloggers in your industry who are currently doing a lot of guest blogging. If you follow famous blogs in your field, you’ll notice that the same names keep popping up. You may also search to discover who has guest written on some of the most prominent websites in your field, then research them to see if this is a tactic they frequently employ.

To find this, use the following search terms: “guest post by” or “guest contribution by”. Once you have a list of names, you can utilize a backlink tool to determine if they have any additional backlinks. Not all of them will come from guest blogging, but if you know someone who does it frequently, you’ll almost certainly uncover a few hidden gems in those lists.

Find their main website, which they link to in their guest post and guest post author biography, using a backlink checker like Monitor Backlinks. Finally, check their list of links to find guest blogging sites.

4. Utilize tools to identify guest post possibilities.

Another method for locating guest posting chances is using various tools to aid in your study. As an illustration:

  • Content research instruments Tools for social listening
  • Audience aids overlap

Buzzsumo is an excellent resource for content research. The best part is that some of them may not even have a “write for us” link, but because you discovered a guest post on their blog, you should approach them just in case. This will assist you in locating sites in your field that explicitly accept guest posts.

Some social listening solutions allow you to search the whole web, including blogs, social media, forums, news sites, and other information sources. In contrast, others primarily focus on monitoring social media. Both approaches have the potential to provide positive results.

Yet, each social listening service has its method of configuring monitoring searches and how they work. You can utilize social listening technologies similarly to how you would use Google (some offer, for example, a Boolean search which allows you to dig much more profound than a simple keyword search, as it will enable you to add different modifiers to your inquiry).

To get started, you’ll need a website. Therefore another great tool for locating potential guest posting sites can assist you in finding guest post websites that have the same audience or are quite similar to each other. Amazon’s Alexa (marketing software, not virtual assistant) provides two features that can assist with this: To identify websites with audiences comparable to your own, use the tools Audience Overlap and Find Similar Sites.

Although none of these tools were designed expressly for this goal (identifying chances for guest blogging), they may be useful in your quest.


Since it works, guest blogging has been around for a long time. It’s not only a terrific way to generate links but also a great way to reach a larger audience, increase traffic to your website, and demonstrate your expertise in your subject.

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