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How Much Do Bloggers Make in the UK

I believe that blogging is the ideal side business since you can do it on your timetable, from any location, and include it in your lifestyle. After posting my blogging revenue report, readers have asked me many questions about How Much Do Bloggers Make UK.

This post will highlight 5 ethical alternatives to monetize your blog and offer guidance. How you should evaluate (and quantify) the revenue generated by your site. The top 5 blogging income sources are discussed below.

1. Google Adsense

You could display ads from the Google Display network on your website with Google Adsense. If you are a beginner blogger, Google Adsense is the simplest way to monetize your site. But you will not make much money through them.

Even if you get a thousand visitors monthly, Google Ads may only bring in $50. However, it is a start! For the first year I was posting, I used Google Adsense. But I later switched to an ad network to receive more CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click).

2. Publisher/Advertising Networks

Once your website receives at least 25,000 monthly page views, you can (and should) stop using Google Adsense. And begin working directly with an advertising network (also known as a publisher network). Which will oversee the display ads on your website instantly. To make sure you are making profits as much money as possible from them. These networks typically take 20% to 40% of your website’s income from display ads.

Even with this fee, working with an advertiser/publishing network rather than with Google directly can earn you far more money. Some bloggers are immensely successful, bringing in more than $20,000 a month from display ads alone. Search for “[your topic] ad networks” to find several you can contact. There are frequent ad/publisher networks that specialize in your niche. You might want to get in touch with a couple more of them. Because some are picky about whom they work with.

Look at partnership with Affiliate Ads.

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You can earn a significant income from affiliate marketing by including affiliate adverts on your website. You may make money in practically any sector by promoting goods. Or services and getting paid each time someone uses your link to sign up. Since the advertiser receives a confirmed sign-up and you. The blogger will likely get paid more for a confirmed sign-up than a click. This affiliate advertising benefits both bloggers and marketers. Depending on the product you promote, you may receive $1–$3 each click. But when someone signs up using your link, you can earn $5–$500 (or more!) in affiliate commissions.

So, how can you generate this sort of income? You should only promote goods or services you have used or believe in. Because you will be compensated if they click and join up, recommending a poor. Or a spammy product will make you lose the rest of your readers in a hurry. It is not acceptable.

Look for affiliate partnerships for things you genuinely use or believe in. Some businesses do not offer affiliate marketing programs, or they do but just for a select number of bloggers. Ask the creators of your preferred goods and services whether they have an affiliate program. If so, make a note to get in touch with them as your traffic increases, as they might have minimum traffic criteria.

3. Amazon Affiliate Ads

When you link to a product listing on Amazon, one of the most well-known affiliates, and one of your readers purchases the item. You will be compensated. You may promote any of the zillion things on Amazon, even if the payouts (what you are paid for sales) are not as high on Amazon as they would be if you were paying directly for a product or service. The compensation you receive if someone purchases a product using your link increases with the price of the product you are offering.

This is one of the reasons bloggers who write about expensive goods like TVs, cameras, and electronics can make a tonne of money with affiliate marketing. Each time someone buys a TV through their link, they can make up to $200. In rare cases, you can make up to 10% of transactions. Those values quickly increase. I now only promote books on Amazon affiliate links, like How Much Do Bloggers Make UK.

4. Sponsored Material

More people will approach you and offer to pay you to post their content on your blog as it grows in popularity. You are going to take many hits. Every week, about 100 people beg me to publish their articles on Digi Blogger Network.

Additionally, you must be careful about publishing sponsored material regularly because these articles frequently contain poor quality or irrelevant connections. Google and your readers will notice if you link from a poor blog post to a terrible link. Be extremely cautious when accepting sponsored content postings, or write them yourself for a considerably larger fee.

I have only ever taken 4 sponsored pieces in my three years of writing money blogging, and I ended up rewriting each of them myself and charging a higher cost. Moreover, each was directly connected to the concepts or products I had already advocated. Go gentle on the sponsored material, and above all, protect your readers and Google’s reputation.

5. Direct Display Ad Purchases

Some brands or businesses will contact you to ask if they can place a banner display ad promoting their product on your website. Alternatively, you can connect with companies that fit your blog’s niche and target readership. Sell the idea that a display ad will appear on your blog page to obtain the most exposure.

Depending on the niche you blog about, you may often earn between $200 and $2,500 a month for each display. A 728 x 90 banner ad in your blog header will be the most noticeable and sell for the most money. However, take care not to place too many ads on your site, as you may typically only sell a certain number of direct display ad buys at once.

However, if you want to, you can push this and place smaller advertisements in your blog’s sidebar (have you ever noticed those little, tiny square advertising on websites?). Some bloggers make lots of money from 100 pixels by 100 targeted pixel ads. Recently, an app requested a month-long placement on the site of How Much Do Bloggers Make UK.

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