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How can you make money on Pinterest? Make a1000$ Per Month

Earning from the comfort of your home or having financial freedom by working on your terms is a goal many of us envy. Just imagine you are not answerable to anyone, you work on your own time, and most importantly, you can work even in your pajamas from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of platforms we can use to achieve the laptop life we so desire. Pinterest is one of those platforms. Now there are many ways we can use to make money through it. But before listing the different methods of earning through Pinterest, let us first discuss how can you make money on Pinterest.

Let’s Now about Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform you can use to search for new ideas, recipes, trends, people, and more. It has a monthly active user base of 433 million as of 2022. On Pinterest, people can create pins and bookmark the links, videos, photos, guides, ideas, and articles they like across the internet or create something that people of similar interest would enjoy. They can also share the pins with the audience that shares their interest by creating a board and saving them so that people who share their interests will be able to view your nails and follow you. It is a platform where people follow and sometimes collaborate with people who have like-minded ideas. You can create multiple boards to catalog your interests, like recipes, guides, etc.

For example, if you like a guide, you can save it on your guide board and access it whenever necessary. It has all the features of social media so that you can like, comment, and share as you would on any other social media platform. Not only that but you can also private message the people who share the same interest as you. So, you can say that it is a platform people use to share ideas and find like-minded people.

How Can You Earn Money?

The million-dollar question that you all have been waiting to be answered. Think of Pinterest as a platform where people are categorized in the form of interests. People interact with each other based on shared interests, so you can leverage this to create content that appeals to the audience similar to your interests. This way, you can make money and enjoy it simultaneously.

Do what you are passionate about, create a following and make your followers your customers

The first step for you to do is to find your passion, the thing that excites you the most. Create pins according to it and share them with your audience to attract them. This will help you to build an audience of like-minded people and will also help you to create an email list. After that, all you have to do is sell to the audience you have accumulated. Still, even if you do not have anything to sell, with a large enough audience, brands and customers will automatically start lining up in front of you to promote their products. You do not need to have millions of followers to do that. A few thousand would do nicely.

Let’s say you like intelligent gadgets. Create a board of gadgets category and start sharing your pins regarding it. People with similar interests would come across your nails, and those who like your pins will follow you and become your loyal followers. From there, you can build an email list, and now you can sell directly to them or offer a client’s product to them and earn a commission.

Offer your account for Promotion

In the previous section, we discussed how you could build a following for yourself and sell to your audience. Let’s say you do not have a product, or your niche has no affiliate sellers(highly rare). Now, what can you do to earn from Pinterest? To answer this, let’s say you like smartphones and have created a thriving Pinterest following in that niche. To monetize it, you can offer brands and companies that sell smartphones to sponsor you to market their products. Show them your account analytics and ask them to give you a sponsorship amount, and they can use your account for a year to promote their products.

Affiliate Marketing

We have discussed this a bit before, but let’s dive deep into this topic. For example, you like yoga and have created a following that wants to do yoga. Now you can visit Amazon, sign up as an affiliate, pick the product you would like to share, say yoga mats, create a pin that clearly explains the product’s positives, and share the affiliate link you obtained from Amazon. You will earn a commission whenever a purchase is made using your affiliate link. The only thing you should be careful of is product selection. You should only select those products that are relevant to your audience. You are ready to make money if you can take care of that.

Use SEO To Rank On Pinterest

As we have discussed earlier that Pinterest is a search engine. It is one of the most significant search engines on the internet. We also know that search engines rely heavily on keywords for content searching. This is true for Pinterest as well. Keywords are a significant factor to consider if you want to rank on Pinterest. So what to do then? Follow the following steps to optimize your Pinterest Boards and Pins,

Create A Detailed Description

In your about section, create a detailed description for your target searchers. You have 200 letters to work with. Also include the keywords you want to be found for.

Optimize Your Pins And Boards

Create detailed descriptions for your pins and boards with your selected keywords. Include the keywords in their names as well for better results.

Optimize the Category

Permanently save the pins on the relevant boards only.

Share Fresh Website Content

Pinterest loves the pins shared by website owners, so take advantage of them if you have a website.

Keep mobile users in mind

85% of Pinterest users are smartphone users, so sharing pins in portrait will benefit you immensely.

Do not Copy

Avoiding Copying past work can you make money on Pinterest? Try to be as unique as possible, and unique content ranks better.

Be consistent

Consistency positively affects your Pinterest reach, so try to be consistent.

Promote engagement

Pinterest likes content that promotes user engagement and tends to rank it better.

Moreover, following the SEO guidelines will also rank in Google to reap even more benefits.

Contests For You

Create contests on Pinterest, ensuring users spend more time on the platform. Pinterest will rank you better, resulting in more pins than usual. You can make money on Pinterest by selling your product to your increased audience.

Re-insert The Pins

Interacting with other accounts is very beneficial. Let’s say you re-pin the pins of a different version. They may also like your content when they notice you and start following you.

Work As A Pinterest VA

You can also sell your services by handling a client’s Pinterest account. As a Virtual Assistant, you will be responsible for pin creation, managing reach, follower curation, and SEO. You can even scale it to a full-fledged business if you are good at it.

Teach Pinterest and Make Money

A lot of people are joining Pinterest lovers. For instance, Pinterest had 70-80 million active users in 2016, and now that number has increased to 433 million. This is a testament to the success of the platform. This also means many expert-level marketers and beginners would be looking to benefit from this platform. You can master this platform, create a course and sell it to the people who want to learn marketing on Pinterest.


There are a lot of methods to make money on Pinterest, but the above-given ways are enough to get you started. Using Pinterest can not only help you make an extra income, but it can also grant you the financial freedom you so desire.

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